Mohammad Hassan Forouzanfar
architect, graphic designer and visual artist
Founder and instructor of [Archi_graph] Educational Studio since 2018
Born on April 1993 in Qom, Iran
Retrofuturism is my personal project. This is related to a combination of traditional Iranian architecture and contemporary concepts such as industrial archeology, tall constructions, deconstruction, improvisation, etc., which tries to discover the potentials of Iranian architecture and present it differently.
Retrofuturism is on the border of the past and the future, thus creating a kind of presumptive landscape. In fact, combining elements from different times and places leads to a placeless and timeless situation that can only be incorporated into your imagination.
Retrofuturism has no red line for me and I try to break the architectural limitations in my collages and illustrations. In my opinion, Iranian architecture needs to be freed from the shackles of traditional views and be prepared for future needs, regardless of any restrictions. Here you see another manifestation of Iranian architecture that is different from your previous assumptions. So be prepared to be surprised …