Young Talent Competition by the French Embassy in Iran/ Honrable Mention
Iranian Stone Association Design Competition/ Honrable Mention
Selected as the 10th Visual Artist of 2019 / by Design Boom Magazine
2A Asia Architecture Award/ 3rd Place
Zista Competition/ 3rd Place
Iran pavilion at tourism exhibition Competition/ 4th Place
National Competition of Architecture and Culture/ 3rd Place
Sanix Talent Competition/ 3rd Place
Persian Garden Day poster design contest/ 4th Place
Asia Young Architects Competition/ Honrable Mention
Responsive Cities Competition/ Honrable Mention
Iranian Designer Festival [Deco]/ Honarable mention
Dolce Vita interior design competition/ Honarable mention
The 10th Iranian Interior Design Award/ Finalist
Troldtekt Architecture Biennial/ Special Prize
Conceptual Competition of Emerging Architecture/ 1st Place
Logo design competition of scientific associations of Qom University/ 1st Place
Tomorrow Architects Competition/ 1st Place
Plasco Memorial Design Competition/ 2nd place
Logo of Iranian Architecture Foundation Competiton/ 3rd Place
Poster design competition of Kerman National Movement Festival/ 3rd Place
Imam Reza International Festival, urban elements/ Honarable mention
Sadra Urban Elements Festival/ Honarable mention
Inspireli Award/ Finalist
Shahriyad’ Square of Azadi Kerman/ Finalist
Festival of Visualization of Art/ 4th Place
Biennial of Iranian Architecture [Jiroft School]/ 4th Place
Tehran 17 Shahrivar sidewalk lighting festival/ Honarable mention
Ashura Environmental Graphics Festival/ Honarable mention
Imam Reza International Festival, urban elements/ Honarable mention