Collection 2

Masouleh Village2
Nayband Village
Safi-o-Din Tomb
Yazd City
Abyaneh Village
Amir Chakmagh Tower
Faryab Village
Khajou Bridge
Masouleh Village

Collection 2 : Skscrapers in Iranian Villages

Retrofuturism (Iranian architectural skyscrapers)

The past architecture of Iran, due to the lack of beam and column technology, has always been a horizontal development and has not had a high-rise building. The architecture of villages and cities in historical textures is organic continuity and is in contradiction with the method of development in modern architecture.

In this project, the old architecture of Iran, with its features retained, has entered the vertical literature of modern skyscrapers and surreal shapes. The return to the future is the subject of this project, which seeks to continue the ideas of the past in the new world.