Collection 18

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Collection 18 :

Imagination of the historical castle of “Shurjestan”

This collection includes the recreation of the ruins of a very old and remote caravanserai. Shurjestan Caravanserai is located in Fars province. Of course, this city has two carvanserais that are marked on the map. The newer caravanserai is related to the Safavid period and the older caravanserai which is the subject of my design is related to the Sassanid period.

This project wants to answer the question of whether the ruins of the past must always be reconstructed as before or can be recreated according to what remains? The first approach does not require any creativity and imagination, it is enough to discover and implement the previous plan. But the second approach requires creativity, imagination, and courage to bring what is left closer to what we want it to be.

In other words, what should a ruin that has remained for the past 1600 years and changed its nature and time look like? Like the first day or something between the past and the future? Is it a sign for us that it has been eroded and changed over the years? Does this ruin carry a message for people today? In this project, I tried to complete the dilapidated and remote caravanserai by myself. I tried to show how to stand between the past and the future and how to create a creature that is both familiar and unfamiliar. I hope I was successful.