Collection 4


Collection 4 : Contemporary arts in old Persian paintings

Contemporary sculptures in Painting of Jean Flandin from Iran

In the new collection of retrofuturism, contemporary conceptual sculptures are placed in old Iranian locations based on the drawings of Jean Flandin. The combination of modern, minimalist and conceptual art with the traditional world, full of ornamentation and old Iran, creates a clear contradiction.

Eugène Flandin in the Year 1840. During Mohammad Shah Qajar’s coming to Iran. The trip was commissioned by the French Academy of Arts to produce reports and images of Iranian antiquities. They have received the support of local courts and rulers everywhere because of the “necessary coordination and orders”. The Flanders Journey lasts more than two years, and its product, in addition to a “Report” on Iranian Antiquities, is a multi-volume book, “Journey to Iran”, published in Paris in the Year 1851.

In this project, some of Eugène Flandin’s paintings of carefully curated Iranian antiquities have been combined with contemporary sculptures by great artists from around the world to frame the past and future in one frame. These examples are kind of weird because they somehow represent elements of the future in the past and on the other hand show us what the future art would be like if we were exposed.