Collection 11

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Collection 11 : Industrial Archeology of Old Minarets

Following the project of “Retro futurism”, the old minarets of Iran and the region of Central Asia with the approach of industrial archeology, have taken a different shape and their previous function has changed.

In the past, minarets, which are considered tall structures, were built at the entrances of cities or between main roads to guide travelers and also acted as a watchtower. Today, however, with the advancement of technology, the minarets have lost their function and are unused. In this project, an attempt has been made to create new functions for these brick towers through imaginary illustrations, and on the other hand, their potentials have flourished. This has been done with the approach of industrial archeology, which is basically late and is related to the developed industrial countries. In this paradox, we have old brick minarets and industrial wastes that are contemporary and have given them a new function.