Collection 7

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Collection 7 : Minimal Frames in Persepolis

Over time, the historical layers accumulate and condense. There is always a trace of the previous layers and you have to go deeper to find it.

Persepolis is almost the most important and tragic historical monument of Iran that is considered a World Heritage Site. The building was under construction when Alexander attacked it and set it on fire and parts of it remained unfinished forever.

Persepolis is magnificent and proud of its architectural richness, but it is also very tragic because of its sad history. So there are two opposing feelings and two different states at the same time.


In this project, various models of (art installations) have been digitally placed in Persepolis’ spaces to serve as a reminder of those historical layers and point to the Palimpsest concept. Unlike the stunning architecture of Persepolis, these artistic layouts are very elegant, transparent and simple. The plan ahead is to form a contrast between the ancient Persepolis geometry and modern minimal forms; with the least interference and the least occupation.