Collection 8


Collection 8 : Poetic Architecture

Iranian architecture has been closely linked to people’s poetry and their lifestyle. The essence of Iranian architecture is space. This space is not of material and form but of feeling. If we are to exaggerate this subtle relationship, we must think of surreal architectural changes such as Persian poetry.

Concepts such as slavery in love, in seeking love, uncertainty, the disloyalty of the beloved, etc. are always inferred from Persian poetry, which is expressed here in the language of architecture.

“Poetry is a beautiful and balanced expression of the truth, as it is and as it should be.” Allame Jafari

In this project, the architectural reality has changed to what Farsi poetry wants. A poetic embodiment of Iranian architecture, without limitation. In other words, architecture has come to the imagination to approach poetry.

Each of the relevant images is based on a poem of great Iranian poets such as Hafiz, Rumi, and Saadi. In describing each picture of the relevant poem in Persian, it is necessary to mention it in the same way. However, its English translation is also written.


Photo 1: Your thought is always in my mind, like a thirst for water / Now that I’m captive, kill me and make me comfortable.

“خیال تیغ تو با ما حدیث تشنه و آب است / اسیر خویش گرفتی بکش چنان که تو دانی”

Photo 2: Someone who harmed and left me innocent / I am looking for him, bring him back to safeguard me

“آن که بی جرم برنجید و به تیغم زد و رفت / بازش آرید خدا را که صفایی بکنیم”

Photo 3: Your speech revealed the secret of your mouth and your belt also the secret of your body / and of all this, you have a sword on us, what does that mean?

“سخنت رمز دهان گفت و کمر سر میان / و از میان تیغ به ما آخته‌ای یعنی چه”

Photo 4: My lover and I mixed like flowers and sugar / I got her temper and she took my mood

“چون گلشکر من و او در همدگر سرشته / من خوی او گرفته او آنِ من گرفته”

Photo 5: If you look at this lover and cross our alley, I go beyond the ninth sky / If you let me, I’ll put my feet in the sky

“برگذرم ز نه فلک گر گذری به کوی من / پای نهم بر آسمان گر به سرم امان دهی”

Photo 6: You hung a string, you lifted me up / I was suspended in the air but you broke the string

“یک ریسمان فکندی بردیم بر بلندی / من در هوا معلق و آن ریسمان گسسته”

Photo 7: He took me to his ward and took me captive / I dragged him to release but it got worse.

“به بند او درافتادم / کشیدم بند و مشکل شد”

Photo 8: O heart, do not twist between her long hair / Because it is like a sword that cuts off everyone’s heads without a crime

“در زلف چون کمندش ای دل مپیچ کانجا / سرها بریده بینی بی جرم و بی جنایت”

Photo 9: Take joy out of happiness like a water bubble / If only the photo of your face falls on our wine cup

“حباب وار براندازم از نشاط کلاه / اگر ز روی تو عکسی به جام ما افتد”

Photo 10: When the man was in need, his soul went to heaven / It is as if the prison door has been broken and the man’s soul has joined the soul of his lover

“نفس چو محتاج شد روح به معراج شد / چون در زندان شکست جان برِ جانان رسید”